Thursday, December 4, 2008

New photos!

This is one of the photos we've recently found in storage. All of the photos (and so far I've counted 140 +) seem to come from the same person: WB van Ingen. I've done a little researching and have found that he was an artist who lived around the turn of the century (1900). Van Ingen was known for his stain glass work and his murals. He actually did murals for the Pennsylvania and New Jersey capitol buildings and the Thomas Jefferson Building (buildling that houses the Library of Congress) in Washington D.C.

I also know, from more research, that the photos may have been used as inspiration for his glass work. Some of the photos have a "Tiffany Glass Co." stamp as well as a "LaFarge Decorating" stamp. This leads me to believe that van Ingen may have worked for one or both of the companies.

I'm still learning as much as possible about the photos I've found. If you guys have any ideas as to where they came from or any other information I would love to hear from you! As I find out more about them and as I start to find more interesting photos, I'll let you guys know, too!

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Angie White said...

This is so interesting. Working in archives sounds a little like a fun treasure hunt.

Angie :)